Products and Services

Mark H Suggs is an experienced graphic designer, technical writer, and copy editor.

In 1988 abiGRAPHICS was established in Boone, North Carolina. Select the Portfolio link in the menu to the left to view examples of past work.

Graphic Design

Whether preparing the layout for a marketing post card, a single-page flyer, a full-color brochure, or a book, you can expect a professional approach to your publishing project. You can choose your printer or abiGRAPHICS will broker the printing for you. In either case, communication with the printer will assure the best results. Your business logo is often a customer's first impression. A good logo will communicate the purpose and personality of your business in any context, whether it's on your business card and letterhead, in a business directory or newspaper ad, on your marketing material or on the web.


From proofreading to deep-level copy editing, getting your words just right can make the difference between a professional and a sloppy image. No one can find every error nor improve every phrase in every text read, but an experienced copy editor can take your draft and polish it to a finish that reflects your intention. Mark Suggs has been composing and editing texts as short as a newspaper ad and as extensive as a complete book for over 20 years.

Technical Writing

Instructions are critical to a user's success, whether it's with a web site, an item to be assembled, or a corporate procedure. Well-written instructions that address the intended audience should be your goal. abiGRAPHICS can help you meet that goal.

Theater Scripts

With more than 30 years of experience acting and directing in church, community, and professional theater, I've written a few scripts, some that have actually been produced. Read more...