Mark H Suggs Theater Scripts

With more than 30 years of experience acting and directing in church, school, community, and professional theater, I've written a few scripts, some that have actually been produced. Contact me for more information and to obtain a script.

Dramatic Monolog for Christmas

Joseph: A Father's Love is a dramatic, 30-minute monolog which can be performed on any size stage by one actor and may include up to three special music numbers. Read more...

"Santa, Are You For Real?"

This children's play is based on the story by Harold Myra (Thomas Nelson, Inc., Publishers, Nashville, 1977) which reveals the Christian origins of Santa Claus. This play is intended for production by a large group. With the exception of the main characters, the parts can be divided among as many “readers” as are able to participate. Dad (or Mom) and the adult St. Nicolas can be played by adults, while the other roles can all be children. 

"I'm Not Alice!"

This children's play is based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This interpretation finds Celia, an American school girl, caught up in the Victorian British tale. Why is everyone calling her Alice? And why is she speaking like that?